Friday, June 30, 2017

B to Z

Holly and KC worked, while we worked on a tan.

We started our morning in the pool, before the thermometer broke 100.

Afterwards we drove around both Cave Creek and Care Free (the adjacent town).
KC warned us that Cave Creek is 'little Mexico.'  
I was searching for Mexicans, but there weren't any.

Later I found out that he was just referring to the art and the items for sale.

Javelina are also called collared peccary.
They are not pigs.  Pigs are from the Old World (Europe) while peccary are from the New World (North America).
Javelina are too often in the news for attacking humans.  The fauna in AZ is brutal.  This is what the desert does to living things.

Saguaros are so pretty.  
These are baby cacti, they can actually grow to be over 70 feet tall!

Today was full circle, we are back at the pool.
Its the place to be.

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  1. Coolest pool ever!

    I love the road signs. I'm hooked on them right now, too. What beautiful scenery.

    You make the desert look magical. Wow.


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