Monday, June 5, 2017


So cute!

As the day progressed we had a pretty good size group.
It was one of those days that wasn't too crowded as long as you are watching the app and seeing where to go based on the much needed information.  
Disneyland has changed so much since I was a kid!  I can't even imagine how much it has changed in my dad's lifetime.  

I have never, ever gone so fast on the teacups.  By the looks of the girls' faces, I don't think they have either.  
Eric was testing the ride's centrifugal force.  

$10 balloons make $10 smiles.  
This was the first time that the girls have had these magical Mickey balloons.
Disneyland will actually replace them free of charge if they pop... one less thing to worry about.

The Animation Academy at California Adventure makes everyone a pro.

Disneyland just never gets old.  


  1. I love the one where the voodoo doc in the top hat photobombed you. ROTFLOL!

    1. Ha! It was more like a planned photobomb... not sure if that counts. I think that is just a picture. :/


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