Sunday, June 25, 2017

Frangipani Winery

I 💛 Frangipani Winery.  I have never not had a wonderful time there.  (I think this is more meaningful than if I were to say that I have always had a wonderful time there.) 

We had planned Raya and Josh's final farewell to be outside by the bocce ball courts but when the day rolled around, although it was only 71 degrees when we left Oceanside, it was 108 degrees in Temecula... so that wasn't going to work. 
The owner, Don, when he heard we had 25 people coming, opened up the private room next to the tasting room for us.  It was even cooler than the main room, and absolutely perfect for our party.

Besides the local folk (Raya and Josh's friends), our cousin, Nancy, and her family drove over from Orange County for the event.

Don and his wife opened up the winery in 2003.  
They create 5,000 cases per year, which is fairly small in comparison to other wineries like Leoness Cellars, which makes 30,000 cases.  What I love about Frangipani is the fact that the owner is there, working to make our experience special, for no extra cost.  You cannot beat that!

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