Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Día 21- Gran Canaria a La Palma

The quaint town of Agüimes in Gran Canaria is so lovely.  There is art and odes to the city found just about everywhere, and there are hardly any tourists. 
It reminds me of a little town in Italy, seemingly unaware of the fast-paced world we live in. 

The Iglesia de San Sebastián was built less than a hundred years ago.  I guess churches aren't going for a modern look.

We stopped into a small cafe in the Plaza del Rozario, close to the Iglesia de San Sebastián.

After trying this cake I had to stop and give it the glamour shot it deserved.  
It was unbelievable. 

The economy and history of Agüimes is laregly based on agriculture.

We had an afternoon flight to La Palma, through Bintercanarias airlines.  Las Palmas airport is so laid back that you just need to arrive 45 minutes before your flight.
It was such a surprise to us that German is so common on the islands, way more prevalent than English.  Apparently, Germans love the Canary Islands, and are one of just a few countries that offer direct flights to Gran Canaria.

 Apartamentos Cancajos is where we will stay for the next three nights.

From there it is just a short walk to the beach, the first black beach that I have ever been to (as far as I can remember!)  The tide pools were so high above the water, but fish have figured out how to get in and out with the peaks of the waves.

Red crabs are so cool!

Now that we have a kitchen, we can cook at home.
So far, La Palma is an ideal choice to visit in the Canary Island archipelago.

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  1. Oh man, oh man, oh man. This has to be some of my favorite photos. AND your apartment. WOW. The art in Agüimes is beyond amazing. I would totally have taken the photo you took of the two of you sitting and chatting with the statues. So dang cool.

    The alley way photo of you Brady is amazing. Is it warmer there that Eric is in pants?

    What a totally awesome place. I will explore there, too... in May. Wow.


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