Friday, August 4, 2017

Día 24- La Palma a Gran Canaria

Last but not least on our La Palma tour is Santa Cruz.  
Canarian balconies are not unique to La Palma, but this little section of Avenida Marítima, along the waterfront, are exemplary.

Unfortunately, today is our last day in La Palma.  There aren't too many places that I have been that I would like to return to (because there are so many places in the world to see), but I do hope to make it back here one day.

Santa Cruz has been a port since the 15th century and at one time every Spain-Americas trading ship was required to register here.

El mercado municipal is located in a former 16th century hospital.


We were pretty excited about our foam heart cappuccinos at El Café de Don Manuel, until our second round of cappuccinos came.


No, these people are not waiting for a bus, or a movie.
There is nothing more authentic about traveling than older men sitting together, with watchful eyes.

Fast forward a few hours, and we are in Gran Canaria, staying in a small town with no other tourists, Vega de San Mateo.  
This is not our hotel (although it used to be one), we rented an apartment just around the corner.

I had to stop by this bar and say thank you to this man/employee.  Since the town is so small the GPS wouldn't give us the exact directions to the apartment so I stopped at this bar to ask if they knew where the street was our apartment was on.  Since I wasn't familiar with any of the streets or any landmarks he offered to come with us to show us the way, and then we could drive him back later (all his idea).  I think Eric was surprised when I returned to the car with a man who knew the directions, instead of a drawing of a map or something.
When I returned for a picture of the bar, he was outside, blew me a kiss and repeatedly yelled "¡venga!" 

Gran Canaria is lovely.

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