Sunday, August 6, 2017

Día 26- Gran Canaria (el norte)

We drank coffee at a cafe in Cruz de Tejeda, waiting for Rafa and his family, who volunteered to show us the north side of the island.

The topography on Gran Canaria is incredible considering there are no rivers on the island.  
All of the cliffs and valleys are formed when it rains, and they don't get much of it.

 Tejeda (population 2,000) is famous for their local candy and blossoming almond trees in February.  
It has a population of 2,000 (and I rounded up), what did you expect?

Dulcería Nublo es fabulosa.

Cave houses in the Canaries are a bit more sophisticated than the ones in Morocco, they are actually houses, carved into cliffs.  The idea did come from north Africa, the first inhabitants of the island were Berber.

Artenara has numerous cave homes (look beyond the museum to see inhabited cave homes), as well as a cave museum.  The cave was acquired and restored in 1962, maintaining the traditional village style cave and typical furnishings. 

Sandstone is a natural water purifier. 

The bodega would be my favorite room, if it weren't so dry...

Artenara is funky; a great place to visit to see the real Gran Canaria.

We drove the extremely windy and seemingly one-way road to Agaete for lunch.

Unlike Puerto Mogán, although just as busy, it was not built for tourists.  The crowds are local and the food is authentic.

Next (but not last) we went to Arucas, where Rafa and Begoña are from, and currently live.
Iglesia de San Juan Bautista is a recent endeavor, resembling Gaudi's Sagrada Familia.

Lidia and Darío walked home through the park while we continued our tour.

The day wouldn't be complete without stopping to sip coffee on a sidewalk in the center of town.

Arucas is super cute, and clean.

Alright, this is the last stop, peaceful, tourist-free, Teror.
Begoña and Rafa took us here because the route does not show on the GPS and they felt like it was quicker than us driving around the island to return to our hotel.

Appearing to be straight out of a movie set, we said our goodbyes.

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