Tuesday, December 26, 2017

SubarUs One: Oceanside to Santa Cruz

430 miles after departing Oceanside we arrived in Santa Cruz, where dressing in all camouflage clothing, or like a Super Mushroom, doesn't mean you aren't popular.  This was a first for both of us and, distance-wise, it couldn't be more ideal as a stopover on our way to Arcata.

We ate at Parish Publick House and, although it was more bar-like than other Public Houses, it was fresh and delicious and had a nice beer selection.  Eric had a pint of The Other Beer from Dust Bowl Brewery in Turlock, and I had Triple or Nothing from the Shanty Shack in Santa Cruz.

 Kudos to the owner of this house for creating a Christmas tourist attraction.  
They get the People's Choice Award, for sure.

We originally were going to ride a roller coaster at the Boardwalk, but the rides shut down at 5pm during winter.

There is still a lot look at and read, like the history of the Boardwalk, including the history of bathing suits.  For example, before the 1970's, Eric wouldn't have been able to wear this bikini in public, unless his belly button was covered.

This shooting range, which is right on the Boardwalk, reminded me of Marla's house, so we couldn't not partake.

It was a downward spiral from there.
We got tickets and then wanted more, so we entered the arcade.

Like any good middle school date, it ended with homemade ice cream.  
Next time we come through, I can picture spending a day in Santa Cruz.  Any place with two homemade ice cream shops within a block from each other deserves more time.

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  1. Being as someone who didn't date in Middle School, I enjoyed this glimpse at "what could have been". Actually, you had a great explore of Santa Cruz for the time you had. Wow. But that's you two... making the most of it.

    As for the mileage, when we were driving home (in the Focus) from South Carolina, we had two 700 mile days in a row. They are killer so I understand what you're saying but once you drive that far, it opens a whole new world up. Enjoy it all.

    Love the house with the lights. So festive.

    Looks like night #1 is a hit. I can't wait for the rest of the SuburUS tour.


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