Thursday, December 28, 2017

SubarUs Three: Arcata

We started the day with a stroll through Megan's Alma Mater, Humboldt State University, before driving just a few blocks away, to Arcata Community Redwoods.  The university has been in use since 1914, when they started to train and educate "teachers and others in the art of instructing and governing the public schools of this state.”  The first graduating class was made of fifteen women, just one year later.

790 acres of redwood forest.

I think this fierce mold is the prettiest of dog poop.

When Tyree got off work we drove an hour north to Fern Canyon.  
There is a one mile loop that starts just 500 feet from the parking lot, but we just walked to the beginning of the trail, since it was much wetter than imagined.

This is quite possibly the coolest accidental picture that I have ever taken.

The ferns behind us have roots back to 325 million years ago when the canyon first formed.

The evening ended with mac and cheese (and a Sasquatch IPA) at Megan and Tyree's. 
Northern California is the same state but a world away.

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  1. The tree photos are amazing. WOW. You guys go to the most amazing places. Wow. And I, too, love that accidental photo.

    The poop mold has to be mentioned. So dang awesome.

    Love all you share. Keep doing it. I feel like I'm almost there with you all.


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