Saturday, January 27, 2018

Beach Cribbage

It is yet another beautiful day in Oceanside, in January (however that happens).

Eric, Marla and I meandered for seven miles in total today.

We parted ways with Eric for a bit to play cribbage at the beach.
My mom taught us to play cribbage at a very young age.  Even though we don't play regularly any more it is like riding a bike.  
Apparently beach cribbage it is not a normal beach time activity.  I caught many surprised glances with smiles as people walked past.  I don't know why more people don't play.  The game combines luck with wit, and wit with luck.  

Ice cream break at Mariposas!  
They have the best homemade ice cream.

And we are back at it.
It is difficult to believe (even for us) that we sat and played for a total of three hours.  Three games just flew by.  It is so much fun. 
A big thank you to Sir John Suckling, an English poet, who created the game in the early 17th century.  
I actually started an I Play Cribbage Club at UCSD.  Unfortunately it didn't ever really catch on, but I did try.  Maybe I should have tried a different name, like the Suckling Club.  

Thanks, Mar!  No need to mention who won...

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