Saturday, January 6, 2018

SubarUs Twelve: West Yellowstone

This is the first time that my Subaru has experienced snow!  So exciting for everyone.

West Yellowstone is very much a snowmobile town, which is something so foreign to me growing up in Southern California.   News flash- People use snowmobiles as a mode of transportation.
Throughout the town the neeeneeeneeeneeeneee revving of snowmobiles is heard everywhere.  

While Raya and Josh worked for their second straight week in a row, Eric and I took Cali for a walk and then prepared for a four mile snowshoe.

Riverside Trail can be found directly across the street from the Dude Motel and the Round Up Motel, just two miles from the West Yellowstone entrance.

Although the land is contiguous with the park we didn't see any animals but it is a beautiful walk regardless.

It snowed all day today!  
Not much, but nonstop.

Okay, not for us, but we did play, and it was fun nevertheless.
We played against over a hundred locals and park guides.
Guiding is a culture in itself.

I love coming to Yellowstone in winter, not only to visit with Raya and Josh, or to bask in all of the wonders of Yellowstone, but because it is a glimpse into this part of Raya and Josh's life, which is pretty hardcore, even if it is just two and a half months out of the year.

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  1. Oh man, I love bingo. What a great day! My favorite photo, of this series, is the one of the two of you in front of the "Welcome" sign. Way cool. Great images, al of them.


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