Monday, January 1, 2018

SubarUs Seven: Bend

Our morning started at The Sparrow Bakery, a highly rated breakfast spot on Yelp.

I got the non-bacon breakfast sandwich while Eric had the Monte Christo.
We were not disappointed. 

The tiny eating area was packed so we were told to go to the Workhouse next door to eat at the long table in the center of the room, which we did and loved.

The Workhouse is an art co-op, where artists not only create their art but sell it.  Participating artists take turns deciding who will work that day, and the artist working is in charge of the sales for the entire building. 

Not only is beer and coffee art a nichey medium, but this artist is talented.

REI remodeled one of the only remaining lumber mills in 2004.
This area is now a outdoor mall.
The last time I was in Bend was seventeen years ago, I believe.  The city is so different now.

We have driven by these three smokestacks several times, having no idea until today that at the base is REI.

The mall is in an area called the Old Mill District, which has a walking path along the Deschutes River.

There is also a free Whitewater Park that always has a line of wetsuit clad surfers.

Downtown Bend has a cute alleyway with outdoor art displayed.

Right across the street from the alley is a homemade gelato shop. 
One of the great things about Oregon is their use of local products. 

Back at Deschutes Public House, after doing the tour yesterday, we could better appreciate the decorations.
Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale is named after the red chair ski lift at Mount Bachelor.

This is this year's art for the Jubelale's label.

Deschute's has their own bakery down the street, making their own bread and pretzels.

This is our coldest evening yet, 28°F, but there is no snow in the forecast.

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