Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Colombia/Panama Day 12: San Blas Islands- Cocobanderia

One of my favorite things to witness was a sailcanoe.  It is so tranquil.  

The boat ride to Cocobanderia, a private island inhabited by just a single family, was the worst one so far.  I have not mentioned this too much because an hour or two on the boat completely miserable is nothing compared to the amount of time that we have our feet in the sand.  I was in a bad spot on the boat and got pummeled with buckets of water for two hours straight. 

I saw this island getting closer and closer, I wished that this was our final destination although it wasn't.  There are 365 islands owned by the Kuna, so it was not surprising that I was mislead by an approaching island.  

After our arrival it did not take too long to forget about the journey.  

This Kuna was running a wine service!  The wine was boxed but it was just 4$ and surprisingly good.  

Some of the guests wanted coconut water.  They revolted when the family said they were out.  How could they be out when we are on a island covered with coconut palms?  

Even though when I was on the boat, soaked and unhappy, and the last thing I wanted to do was to go swimming, I ended up swimming to a nearby island.  It didn't take too much coercing.  The current was strong but it didn't take longer than 10 minutes to swim across.  

We had delicious lobster again.  The Kuna, who cooked our food, got a plate for her family.  I know I am not supposed to take pictures but I cleverly pretended like I was taking a picture of the food.  

The water level rose very high that night.  The Kuna thought it would cover the island and we were instructed to move our belongings to a table and to raise our hammocks high off the ground.  It ended up not getting that high but it added a lever of excitement and paranoia (which everyone loves on vacation).

These hammock dorms were the tightest fit yet.  We were practically sleeping on top of each other (my hammock is the highest because I follow directions).  This was the big party night, which I did not partake in.  It was funny because when some of the girls went to bed they couldn't even get into their hammocks; one girl ran her head right into me.
Nope.  Try again...

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