Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Colombia/Panama Day 5: Cartagena door knockers

As I walked around Cartagena today what stood out to me, besides the balconies covered with plants, was the door knockers.  Apparently Cartagena is famous for its door knockers.  I read that the animal on the door used to represent the principal trade of the families' homes.  
But that doesn't seem right, is there a market for iguanas?   
Regardless of the accuracy of the history of the door knockers they turn functional and boring doors into works of art.  


  1. I'm so glad you are finding the people to be so nice. I love the architecture and especially the door knockers!

  2. Some of these photos remind me of New Orleans. Wonderful balconies and awesome KNOCKERS. Wow.

    When we were in Charleston, we focused on the unique earthquake ties. Beauty is where you find it, if you look. This was a beautiful post Brady.

    Oh, and the Popsicle- would be good here, too hot for me. This is why we move to Tahoe 96° in the shade... Yikes...


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