Sunday, July 13, 2014

Colombia/Panama Day 16: Panama City to Boquete

My day was spent almost entirely in transport.  It was a long day but super easy.
I took a cab to 'el terminal' (the Albrook terminal) which seems more like a small airport than a bus terminal.  20 minutes later the bus left for David, the biggest city near Boquete.  

Almost immediately we were on the Pan-American highway, a 26,000 km network of roads that connects Chile to Alaska (omitting the Darién Gap).  

We stopped about halfway at a place that is common in Latin America but I do not think exists in the US.  It is like a pit stop for buses.  There is bus parking, comida rapida, a bunch of tables, and most importantly bathrooms.  It isn't like a bus station, it is a rest stop for bus travelers.  
Does that exist?  I don't take the bus in the states enough to really know.  

After getting dropped off at David I totally lucked out.  There was a bus leaving for Boquete just ten minutes later.  

I couldn't help but notice all of the beautiful handmade dresses worn by the indigenous women in the area, the Ngäbe and Buglé. 

Just 9 1/2 hours later I was at Casa Pedro, a very small bed and breakfast 2 km outside of Boquete.  It is nice to be in the mountains.  The weather is cooler, rainy, and crisp.  
No wonder there are so many expats here.   
It is like the Chiang Mai of Panama.    

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  1. Your bus stop sounds like the Auto Grills in Italy. How interesting and handy that you had a perfect arrival for the perfect departure.

    Love, love, love the B & B. Keep having fun.


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