Thursday, July 10, 2014

Colombia/Panama Day 13: San Blas Islands to Panama City

We spent the first have of today on Cocobanderia.  Since I did not party I was the first up; I got some great lighting as the sun was first coming up.  

We then went to yet another deserted island, this was the smallest one yet.  The Kuna had lunch waiting for us when we arrived.  

This was the best snorkeling out of all of the islands, and easily some of the best in my life.  I didn't believe the tour guide when she claimed this because she also said the tamales were the best tamales ever, and the breakfast in Sapzurro was the best breakfast ever, and she was far from right (so far away she would be more accurately described as wrong). She also said everything was two minutes away and her idea of two minutes is different from mine.  Anyway, she was right about this.  It was absolutely amazing.  

This is the view of the island we were on from where I was snorkeling.  

The coolest thing I did was swim with a group of squid (there were more before I went paparazzi on them).  

This tour has been epic.  From the San Blas islands we took a boat to Cartí where our rides to Panama City were waiting.  It took about two hours to reach the city, driving through the jungle most of the time.  Although the trip has been amazing I was so looking forward to a hot shower, a real bed, clean clothes, and ice cream.  


  1. Wow! Hammocks! What an adventure. For some reason I am not getting the email notices when you make entries.....I finally looked since I began to worry that you had perhaps disappeared. So glad you're still adventuring happily (mostly).

  2. Okay, wild stuff. Love the heart in the sand. My favorite photo in all of these posts is you with the starfish. That is frameable. I am super jealous and impressed. Wow.

    How unforgettable... swimming with squid. You are living such a great life. Will you ever return? Excited by it all. Neato.


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