Sunday, July 3, 2016

Mon voyage. Jour numéro neuf. Archamps.

The morning started with a ride on the le téléphérique du Salève (on the France border).  The cable car replaced the train to Mont Salève in 1932.  It takes just over 10 minutes to climb (almost vertically due to the cliff) to 1100 meters.  Heights make me nervous but the view is spectacular so the time was spent trying to convince myself that the cable was not going to break so I could enjoy the ride.  I didn't really think that the cable wouldn't not break.  But in the end it didn't so go figure.

Paragliding from the top is very popular, as is mountain biking and hiking.
You can see the Jet d'eau from the top, as well as Geneva and surrounding areas and on the other side you may catch a glimpse of Mont Blanc.

We continued on into France to Jose and Lyli's house (friends of Kimmie and Nuno).  They were having people over.  I didn't talk much so that left me to do one thing... 
I didn't drink this whole bottle!  I just didn't want to forget this amazing Portuguese sparking rosé.  Hopefully I can find it in the New World. 

For an hour our host worked on heating briquettes.  There were three places to grill at the table, all reachable from your dinner setting.  We all grilled our own meat.  

Of course I just grilled fish.
They had six or seven different types of sea food and sausages and some kind of flat beef...
It is such a fabulous idea.

And there was wine.

A Nutella pastry.

It is common to drink limoncello or port after dinner.  I thought I wasn't a port fan until I had Portuguese white port on ice.  (Did mention that Jose is Portguese?)  White port is phenomenal.  
I think I need to go to Portugal.

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  1. What a food fête. You are one lucky gal. And yes, you would love Portugal. We keep trying to go back.

    Did I mention I shouldn't read your blog when hungry?

    Excellent... all of it.


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