Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mon voyage. Jour numéro vingt. 14 juillet.

Today is the 14th of July (French Independence day) and while I was watching fireworks in Carcassonne people in Nice were getting run over by a lorry.  I have to mention it now because I would feel too bad if I said nothing, and as terrible as it is to say, the firework show was incredible.

I tried to get to La Cité early because I wanted to go to le Château Comtal and the northern ramparts of La Cité soon after it opened, before the crowds arrived.   (It was closed the other day due to my later arrival.)  
Because of the holiday, it was a very busy day.  Approximately 700,000 people come to see the fireworks here each year.
The picture of Pont Neuf doesn't show the crowds, but a parade that was distracting people while I hurried to La Cité.  

In 1991 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was filmed here... 

See original image

The wooded roof was redone by specialists, there is a whole science behind repairing old structures such as these involving computers and blueprints and hypotheses (you wouldn't understand because you didn't see the 12 minute video).

Part of the ramparts were closed as the pyrotechnicians were doing their pyro thing.

It was busier than I would have liked (not like my pictures show, because I am patient) but it was totally worth the 8.5 euro entry.

As I mentioned it was so busy, you couldn't even walk through the pedestrian streets without standing in line, so I hung out until an hour before the firework show at 10:30pm (the sun sets late!).  But on my way I saw a line that I just couldn't avoid...

I got 'menton,' sugar and lemon juice.
And yes, it was delicious.  

I saw people staking out spots in the morning, on my way to the castle.  Unfortunately for those who were waiting all day on Pont Vieux, Pont Vieux was closed to the public.  
This area looked crowded so I moved on.

I decided to try my luck on Pont Neuf.  A lot of 'pardons' were said as I cut through the crowds, looking like my famille was just ahead.  I think I got a pretty good spot.  

La Cité is Europe's largest walled medieval city with its walls still intact, and they put on a pretty spectacular show, including changing the lighting on the castle.  It is no wonder it draws the crowds.  It is totally worth it.

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  1. Love, love, love the photos of the fireworks. Spectacular and to see a movie of it. Wow.

    We just watched "Robin Hood". How very, very cool. And boy Kevin Costner is hunky on your blog.

    We did Bastille Day in 2000 and it was extraordinary. So glad you were there for it, too.


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