Monday, July 18, 2016

Mon voyage. Jour numéro vingt-quatre. Saint-Émilion.

Today was even hotter than yesterday, almost too hot to walk around (nothing a little wine can't fix).
There were tuk tuks waiting at the train station which many of us took advantage of.

This is as close as foie gras is going to get to my cheese panini.

Oh no.  My favorite macarons place is a chain...  

I decided to go with another tour through the tourist office (taking advantage of this rarity, that tourist offices book tours, as well as the opportunity to visit a winery).

As a group of seven we got into a small van and drove to Chateau Haut Veyrac, another multi-generation family-owned winery.  

The tour was informative.  So far each wine tour I have done in France has been unique, focusing on different aspects of the wine making process, and adding to my appreciation of wine (which I didn't realize I needed).

Upon returning I braved the heat (I knew the wine would help) and saw more of the little town of Saint-Émilion.  Ursulines' Convent was established in 1630.  The nuns provided free education to poor girls.  Unfortunately they were not teaching the girls how to avoid the plague.  Their number of students went from 80 to 8 after the epidemic.  I guess that is one way to reduce class sizes. 

The view from Chateau du Roi (12th century) was worth the climb.  
The tower is the only part of the castle still standing.  

I had a cold, sparkling something at Cordeliers Cloister.  Before this trip I didn't know a cloister was such a common find, maybe because I didn't know what it was.

Now this cloister it is basically a bar, far from the monastery it once was.  But who knows, maybe the monks and nuns wouldn't mind so much.  The wine wouldn't be so abundant here without them.

I feel bad drinking wine for free and not buying a bottle of wine.  But it is there system, I am not going to go to France and tell them how to run their wineries... if they want to give away their wine, who am I to complain?  

Saint-Émilion is pretty amazing.  It would have been nice by bike but I think I have lucked out with the weather on my trip.

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  1. I loved this quote of yours, "adding to my appreciation of wine (which I didn't realize I needed)." I believe you when you say that, just based on all the new experiences you are having.

    By the way, you look exceptionally cute in the little town of Saint-Émilion. We had French students bring us wine from there and we remember really liking it. Way fun Brady.


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