Friday, July 15, 2016

Mon voyage. Jour numéro vingt et un. Sarlat-la-Canéda.

Foie= liver.
Gras= fat.
Duck, duck, goose!  
Your choice.
There is a lot of controversy around foie gras, but in France's defense, duck/goose fattening has been going on since Roman times.  Yeah, so Romans may have also trained people to fight each other for entertainment, but there was no TV, no internet, what were they supposed to do?  
Sarlat-la-Canéda is famous for foie gras, but I am not here for that.   

Macarons on the other hand...

Meet my macarons; Crème Brûlée, Citron, Rose, et Chocolate.  

I had my Airbnb host make a reservation at L'Addresse the day before, luckily, because they were completely booked.  I don't live in a world of 'reservation only' so the whole affair is strange business to me.

I got to the restaurant early, just to make sure I knew where it was, and then I walked around the pedestrian area.  

Isn't this a nice police headquarters?

The people next to me got a foie gras dish.
It looks and spreads like creamy peanut butter.

My meal was superb, I got a main dish too, and crème brûlée (the macaron was just a snack), but the artichoke, sun dried tomato, parmesan risotto was delicious, and pretty.  
This is why it is 'reservation only.'
I was pretty paranoid that they were going to slip foie gras into my meal, thinking 'who wouldn't love that?' but I think my food was foie gras free.

I ate on the terrace in the back, where there were no cars, just diners and diner rejects.  

The statue of geese being force fed was vetoed. 

Here, more than anywhere I have seen so far, there are beaucoup street performers. I guess after eating foie gras people's fingers are slippery and have a hard time holding on to money.

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