Thursday, July 27, 2017

16 يوم - Erg Chigaga إلى Ouarzazate

So often when traveling the most seemingly normal sights are abnormal.

وداعا Saharan desert- we will never be as close to Algeria as we are right now...

We left the desert camp a different way than we entered, speeding through a portion of what used to be the Paris-Dakar route.

The Paris-Dakar went right over dried up Lake Iriqui (before the dam was built in the 70s this lake would have been full of migratory birds).

Moroccan photoshop.

Before it was a lake, it was an ocean.

Fossil hunting.

Today was another long, beautiful drive. 

We stopped in Tazenakht to see how how traditional carpets are weaved.  All tribes have their own specific method for weaving. 

Nomads wove my favorite rugs.  
Too bad this was priced (tourist priced) at over $800!  
It is beautiful!

We finally made it to Ouarzazate, where movies are made and non well water showers are had. 

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  1. So dang cool. I loved that ant photo.

    This is beyond interesting. I loved the fossils. The hotel room is exceptional.

    The weavers are so amazing. What talent. You are having an exciting trip.


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