Saturday, July 8, 2017

One Month Itinerary for Spain, Morocco and the Canary Islands

One month in any country is not enough time to see everything, and we will be visiting two countries in this time period.  We aren't planning on seeing everything, so it works out perfect for us.

We will start in Andalucía, southern Spain, most famous for the Islamic architecture.  
After the Romans, there were Muslims.  Islamic Spain lasted from 711 until 1492.  Islamic Spain is often compared to the Italian Renaissance and the Roman Empire in its advancements and achievements.  It was here that Jews, Christians and Muslims coexisted harmoniously (a time apparently forgotten).

Afterwards we will go to Morocco (Marruecos en español), which is just 8 miles south of Spain across the Straight of Gibraltar, but since we will be in Málaga for our last full day, and not in Gilbraltar, we will fly.  While there we will be traveling with a private tour company, Amazing Journeys Morocco.  They customized our entire trip based on my list of places I wanted to see, and then they added a few more.  And then I added a few more...  
We will be visiting Roman ruins, ancient cities, berber villages, massive waterfalls, and even spending the night in a tent in the Saharan desert.  
Most of the places we are visiting aren't on a map unless you really zoom in, and then, for some places, not even then.  Although I am excited about the whole trip, Morocco is a country that has sparked my interest since I was a little girl.

Finally, our last week will be spent in the Canary Islands, just off the southern coast of Morocco, although Spanish owned.  We will be in Gran Canaria (the most populated island) and in La Palma (one of the least populated islands).  There is so much exploring to do I don't even know where to begin.

July 11- departure from LAX

July 12- Córdoba, España
July 13- Córdoba, España
July 14- Seville, España
July 15- Arcos de la frontera, España
July 16- Arcos de la frontera, España
July 17- Ronda, España
July 18- Granada, España
July 19- Granada, España
July 20 (Happy birthday, Raya!  Hello, Kimmie!)- Málaga, España

July 21- Chefchaouen, Marruecos
July 22- Fez, Marruecos
July 23- Fez, Marruecos
July 24- Tamtattouchte, Marruecos
July 25 (Happy birthday, Marla!)- N'Kob, Marruecos
July 26- Erg Chegaga, Marruecos
July 27- Quarzazate, Marruecos
July 28- Cascades d'Ouzoud, Marruecos
July 29- Marrakech, Marruecos
July 30- Marrakech, Marruecos

July 31- Agüimes, Gran Canaria
August 1- Breña baja, La Palma
August 2- Breña baja, La Palma
August 3- Breña baja, La Palma
August 4- Vega de San Mateo, Gran Canaria
August 5- Vega de San Mateo, Gran Canaria
August 6- Vega de San Mateo, Gran Canaria

August 7- Málaga, España

August 8- return to LAX

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  1. Oh my gosh Brady, this is BEYOND incredible. In the years I have been following your blog, you have completely outdid yourself with this post, the trip planning and just the adventure you have embarked upon. Susan Sontag said, "I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." After this trip, you shouldn't have much of a list left. I am so excited to be taken to all these places with you. Bon voyage!


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