Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Día 1- Málaga a Córdoba

María Zambrano train station in Málaga is just 20 minutes by train from the Málaga airport.
I ♥ public transit!  

The train connecting Málaga and Córdoba travels a distance of 135km in one hour.  

It was 112°F upon arrival at 17:00.  It is amazing how drastically the temperature changes depending on your specific location within the city.  This open area at the bottom of our Airbnb is probably 25° cooler.

European apartments are so cute, they are big tiny houses.  Everything has a purpose.  

$130/ 2 nights.

Eric's first European grocery store experience!  
It is always interesting to see what other countries think is normal.

Even the shape of items that we have in common aren't the same.

The first street lamps in the world existed here, in Córdoba, Spain, over a thousand years ago, when Córdoba was the capital of Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain).  At this time Córdoba was the greatest, largest, and most cultured city in Europe.  As an epicenter for intellectuals, Córdoba housed over 75 libraries, among them the largest library in the world (with over 400,000 books).

It is after 20:00 and the sun is still brutal!

Based on the suggestion of our Airbnb owner, Ángel, we ate at La taberna del río.  He wrote down a list of traditional Cordoban cuisine that we couldn't miss, and we ordered more than half of them (no reason to try the ox tail!).  
Unfortunately for both Eric and I my salmorejo (a puree of tomato and bread served chilled) came with unannounced jamón.  I had Eric eat the meat, but it was sitting on hard boiled egg which he is not a fan of.  Wait, I guess it was really just unfortunate for him...
I thought it was delicious- viscous, creamy, and totally different.

Berenjenas con miel (fried eggplant with goat cheese and honey) is the best idea ever.
These flavors and textures are so complimenting, it is unreal.

Eric's spicy chicken, mozzarella, pear salad was so much food he almost regretting ordering the flamenquín.

Flamenquín is ham rolled in pork, dipped in egg and deep fried.  
Although he really liked it, and took the leftovers home, he said something unbelievable, 'its just too much meat'.  I don't know what has gotten into him.  He must be delirious from the lack of sleep.

At 22:00 the sun has finally set.

The Roman bridge of Córdoba was originally built by the Romans in the early 1st century BC, although it has been rebuilt many times, the arches are 500 years old.
Actual Roman ruins are located meters below the city. 

Hasta mañana, Córdoba.

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  1. One of my favorite things to do in foreign countries, is to meander in grocery stores. You get such a cultural glimpse at the differences. I love you pointing that out in your blog.

    Your photos capture the beauty of a place and your descriptions really bring it to life for us 'armchair travelers'. Gracias Brady. Continue the awesomeness.


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