Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4th in Oceanside

Eric and I rode our bikes over to our favorite spot on the North side of Oceanside Harbor.  
Much to our surprise, it was completely unoccupied.  

It is the best place to watch watercraft go in and out of the harbor.
Why is that so satisfying? 

Catch the crab!
Apparently this guy had a hankering for crab meat.

You can see our hangout spot in the background of this picture, where the revelers are hanging out on the dock.

We stopped by the pier to check out the crowds.  
You are not supposed to ride bikes on the Strand but this rule was not being enforced, at all.  
Oceanside police was being very permissive, especially if you were female.
But we were good citizens, we obeyed the signs. 

A band was playing on the corner, collecting tips.  They were surprisingly good, and played all day.
I wonder if they were trying to pay for their rental.

After dinner we rode back over to the harbor to watch fireworks.  
The city of Oceanside does their fireworks on the 3rd, and they do them inland.  
I remember the last time they did fireworks off of the pier, on the 4th, it must have been seven years ago.  It was so foggy that you couldn't even see the clouds light up, you could just hear the fireworks. What a waste of money!
They never did them again after that.
Luckily for us, Camp Pendleton keeps up with the tradition.  They shoot off their fireworks in Del Mar Beach, which is the beach on base, directly next to Oceanside harbor.  Same difference as far as we are concerned.

AZ sparklers are colorful and festive.
Marla is right, the yellow ones are the best!

As are the mortar fireworks that were being lit off right over our complex.

What a fun 4th of July!!

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  1. Oh man, as I was reading along, the overcast skies made me worry about the fireworks, and poof, you mentioned that they didn't measure up.

    I love, love, love the images you took with the crab being my favorite.

    Here in Canada, not one person wished us a Happy Independence Day. I'm glad you celebrated and shared. Missing you.


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