Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Día 8- Granada

Ahhh, the infamous Alhambra, the last Muslim stronghold in Spain.  After Córdoba and Sevilla had fallen to Christian rule, Muslims lived in this palace for over two hundred years.
We purchased our tickets three months ago, as soon as we could, and as a result we got the best time slot, 8:30 to 9:00, when it first opens, before the majority of tourists arrive.  You can't come before your time slot, but you can stay for as long as you want after.  So as you can imagine, as the day continues on it gets packed.

The palace is so well preserved, the only thing that it is missing is the furniture. 

Loving the geometric patterns.  

Muslims believed that water was the purest symbol of life, so it was used to decorate the palace.

Stalactite ceilings.

Muslims created yet another impeccable civilization, in the 14th century, even though Christianity was imminent.

The Alcazaba fort is the oldest part of the complex, used to protect the 2,000 people that lived inside the walls.

Now it is a stray cat hang out, which Eric cannot touch (it goes against Kaiser's recommendations). 

In 1492, when Islamic power officially fell, Christian flags were raised on this tower.

The Generalife Gardens (just outside walls of the Alhambra) was the sultan's fruit and vegetable's gardens and his summer retreat.  
It is insultaning not to enjoy it.

After a few hours in the Alhambra, and a few more in our little apartment, we took a stroll through the city.

Inside the Royal Cathedral are King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel's tomb. 
One hand in marriage sure caused a lot of trouble.

I take it back, some Granada graffiti is art.

You've got mail!

The evening ended in the Albayzín, the old Muslim quarter, just below the protection of the Alhambra.

22:00= time for bed!

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  1. Okay, who got mail? Everyone reading your blog is going to think it's them!!! I love the lion mouths for mail slots. So artistic.

    The ice cream cone photo is so awesome.

    Love the memory of the Alhambra. We were there in 2000. It hasn't changed in 17 years :o) I'm so glad you got tickets.

    Do you like the long days of light? I was having a tough time with the 19 hours 35 minutes of daylight here in Alaska but it is slowly changing... for the better.

    Love all of this post.


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