Sunday, July 2, 2017

D to Z

We became addicted to Wright, and his apprentices.
Paolo Soleri was one of Wright's apprentices.  He lived at Taliesin West for a year and a half in the mid 40s, soon after moving to the US from Italy.  
You can see the Wright influence in his work.

He did branch off from his mentor... he made bells.  
Although he passed away in 2013, people are still casting bells at his home and studio.

The bells that are not Soleri originals range in price, from $35 to $500, but the originals (as seen in the above picture) are worth thousands.  There were a few large ones in the middle of the gift shop that had $14,000 price tags, and 'sold' stickers.  

Cornish Pasty Co (which has many locations throughout AZ) sells a huge variety of British pasties.  They are typically meat filled pastries but, surprisingly, they also had ten vegetarian and vegan options.  Mine had onions and cheese and potatoes and was divine.

Old Town Scottsdale doesn't have too much to offer but more Native American jewelry shops than you could possibly imagine.

This gift is oddly accurate...

Goodbye AZ pool!!
Goodbye AZ Brauns!!

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  1. Got to love the AZ Brauns and the stuff they offer you to see. I had know knowledge of Soleri but now his home & studio are on my list.

    Totally love the face in the holes. One of my favorite things.

    Loving this trip! Thanks for enlightening me.


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