Wednesday, August 5, 2015

CA10- Utila

Captain Morgan's is the only dive center that has a boat that goes to the north side of the island just about every day, which means less crowds.  Jordi (on the right) was quizzing us on some key hand gestures (I was listening...).  Simon is a dive master in training, and was assigned to me since I don't like to diver deeper than 12 meters or so (I get so nervous about my years not equalizing).

Equipment on, one hand on mask and regulator, one on weight belt, and off the boat backwards into the water we go...

(That was dramatic, wasn't it?)

After the first tank we got back into the boat and headed to our second dive spot.  I am just going to ruin the anticipation and say we didn't see any whale sharks!  Booo.  It is not their peak season (most commonly seen in April) but a girl can always dream!

Not that I am complaining, there were plenty of animals to spy on.

I always love diving (it feels like you are swimming in an aquarium) but this was the first trip that I actually thought about getting advanced dive certified (for one, you can do wreck dives).  Had I known earlier I may have stayed in Utila longer (just because the price is right) but, like I said,  it didn't occur to me until now.  
We will see where that leads me...

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  1. Love, love, love the selfies. Very cool fish with a very cool chick. These are incredible images of under the sea. Thank for sharing. Wow. So great.


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