Sunday, August 16, 2015

CA21- Bahía de Jiquilisco to Sunzal

Technically I had one more day at ICAPO but since I arrived one day early and the longer I stayed the more I didn't want to leave, I decided it was time go.
At 6:10am I was waiting on the sand for a lancha.  It isn't exactly a taxi service, more like someone who wants to make a little extra money and might have some business in Puerto Parada.  The lancha went to different islands to pick up customers.  I, of course, was the only tourist on board.

Ruth lives next door to ICAPO, in the house that makes tortillas.  She was on her way to Usulután to shop.

Much of the journey was a blur, and my timing was impeccable.  I ended up splitting a taxi to the bus station with a family.  The bus had just left the bus station but when it saw the taxi stop so they stopped too, grabbed by things and ushered me on board.  I was sitting on an AC bus headed for San Salvador.  Just 50 minutes earlier I was standing on the sand hoping a lancha would go by.
I had to transfer at Zacatecoluca.  I was told to go up the stairs where you are let off on the side of the highway, but I am sure I look confused when I got to the top of the stairs because I wasn't sure which way to go or where to wait.  Luckily a man with a machete approached me and asked where I was going, and then led the way.

20 minutes later I was on the bus to La Libertad, just a mini bus and a walk away from my final destination, Los Almendros in El Sunzal.
Today was a long, but easy, day of travel.

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