Monday, August 17, 2015

CA22- El Sunzal

El Sunzal is within walking distance to El Tunco (the pig), which is world renown surf spot.  

The wave was unlike anything I had surfed before, it was so powerful. 
It was intimidating being out there because the sun bleached Salvadorians that come to this break are territorial and aggressive.  In my opinion, it is worse than Hawaii.  

I survived.  Whenever I surf, no matter how many waves I catch, I am just happy to be out on the water.  I love the ocean.

My evening ended at the pupusa shop just a short walk away from the hotel.  I have been studying the process in great detail so I can make them at home.  
Whenever I mentioned how close I live to Mexico, Salvadorians are always jealous, saying that Mexican food is the best.  As happy as I am with pupusas, I cannot disagree. 
Pupusas simply don't offer the kind of variety I am used to with Mexican food. 
My choice is always beans, beans and cheese, or cheese, and then how much pickled lettuce do I want...

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