Friday, August 14, 2015

CA19- Bahía de Jiquilisco, ICAPO

The morning started like most, sweeping out the fruit left by bats who, like anyone else, enjoy breakfast in the kitchen.

Across the street from the ICAPO coop lives a family who makes tortillas all day.  There isn't any tourism on La Pirraya, making extra income difficult, but there are a few people who sell food or groceries out of their homes.

Today's plan is to go fishing, so Antoni (shown above), Antoni's brother (who was not allowed to pull the bait out of the ground as far as Antoni was concerned), Kevin, Ruth and I went to get bait at low tide.

This is the bridge that goes nowhere, a perfect example of the range in the tides.

Fishing is a way of life in the bay.  The speed at which this fisherman repairs his net is impressive.

San Miguel volcano, also known as volcán Chaparrastique, is an active stratovolcano that had 'degassing, seismic unrest, and sporadic ash emissions' today.

We fished with fishing line wrapped around a bottle, which was new to me.  
It was fun but none of us caught anything for dinner!

Maybe the reason we had such bad luck was because the fish had already been caught for a PR event on La Pirraya.

The Ministro de Turismo, José Napoleón Duarte Durán (on my right) and the Viceministro de Turismo, Roberto Viera (on my left), had a meeting in Bahía de Jiquilisco and came to La Pirraya for their catered lunch.  They invited us to join (because of ICAPO's presence on the island, and because tourists "are worth a thousand points" according to Carlos).  
One moment you are fishing on a boat, catching nothing, and the next moment you are eating fish with the ministry of tourism!  Life is interesting.

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