Tuesday, August 4, 2015

CA9- Utila, Honduras

Most of the buildings in Utila are...run down, but this building seems like a mansion in comparison.

I walked to Thompson's Bakery and when I saw that a pastry was being created I just got a cup of coffee and waited patiently... she was making cinnamon rolls.

There were iguanas on the back patio, much like dogs, waiting for opportunities to eat scraps that fall off the table.

Wow.  So amazing.  There was no icing, but now I know I prefer it without it.  

This is my hotel, Pirate's Bay Inn, which works with Captain Morgan's dive center.

As I walked around I saw a road called Cemetery Road and, naturally, I hoped for gravestones.
For a second I was thrown off by the English writing, but then I remembered that the Bay Islands, just like the Cayes in Belize, were British territory.

Of course the first large iguana I see is on the remains of a burnt down building.  Why does this always happen?

Although, as of more recently, there are some cars on the island the main form of transportation are quads, motorcycles, and tuk-tuks.

I walked a lot today.  I was searching for a place to eat that was not overrun with tourists (which is very difficult on the island) but when I saw that Camilla's bakes their own bread I couldn't resist spending 5$ on a veggie sandwich (on carrot bread) and sitting among tourists.

The main attraction of the day was my refresher course dive.  I haven't been on a dive since Thailand (2011) so I  heeded their advice and took the course.  Half of it was a review of equipment and the other half was in the water, right in front of the hotel.

So cool...  who knew this was right in front of the hotel?  That is the great thing about diving.  You don't know until you are down there.


  1. Wow lovely, I am sure those lizards are waiting to see their picture on the cover of a magazine soon! I am glad that you were able to avoid some of the people. Tourists in ridiculous outfits always ruin pictures.

  2. Lovely, what was that insect on your arm? A kind of water spider? You look good in orange by the way. ;)


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