Sunday, August 9, 2015

CA14- Usulután a la Bahía de Jiquilisco

Isn't everyone's (except a pescatarian/vegetarian's dream) to order breakfast after carefully reading the menu, only to be surprised by a plateful of meat?  
My goal today was to get to Bahía de Jiquilisco.  The bay is one of the two most important nesting sites on the Pacific Coast for the hawksbill sea turtle, and one of the two locations of ICAPO (the hawksbill initiative with whom I am going to volunteer for).

After two short bus rides I was waiting for the lancha to fill up at Puerto Parada.

 It can take up to up to an hour to get to La Pirraya, the isla where ICAPO is located, but I got lucky.  We only stopped at one island before La Pirraya.

Every two and a half weeks the person in charge of cooking for ICAPO changes.  There are five people in total that are in rotation.  This week Nena Noi is our cook.  She is located right across from the coorportiva where the volunteers for ICAPO stay.  She and her family are always making tortillas, all day...

After my arrival, current long-term volunteers, Carlos and Sophie, took me on a tour of the island.
It was right before we left that I realized that people use the term bañarse to refer to swimming in the ocean, not taking a bath as I am accustomed.  

Puppies, everyone loves puppies!  Except pescatarians/vegetarians. 

Stuck up to my knees in mud...sometimes often I feel like my entire childhood growing up as a tomboy out in the country was all just preparation for my travels.  

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  1. I have heard the hardest thing for vegetarians is BACON. How did you resist?

    Love the tomboy comment and your black sock :o) What fun you must have had oozing in the mud. Was it just for fun or were you searching for something in particular?

    I love the photo of the tortilla maker. So traditional. All the photos capture your experience so well.

    Love, love, love the puffer fish. We had a taxidermied one when I was a kid. Funny things.

    It looks like you found a perfect fit for your volunteerism.

    “Summertime is always the best
    of what might be.”
    ― Charles Bowden


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