Friday, June 22, 2018

Honeymoon- Day 6- Dingle to Kinsale

We took a walk to Bean in Dingle, a local coffee shop and the only place open early in the morning.
Most places don't open until 10:00, when the buses of tourists begin to arrive.  So, naturally, mornings are the best time to be in Dingle.

Mmmmm... porridge!!  
So excited- my first porridge in Ireland.

The highlight for today is Slea Head Drive, a loop around the Dingle peninsula, and the most Western point in Europe.  

We definitely can't stop for every sheep, pretty view, flower or ruin, or we will never get back to Dingle. 
Cashel Murphy was the only one we visited, partially because no one was there.

This is where five Celtic families lived thousands of years ago.

And this was their view.  

I didn't realize that you can swim to the Blasket Islands, maybe even walk if the tide is low.  
These islands were inhabited for hundreds of years until the 1950's (at its peak there were 175 residents), until the government kicked out those that remained.  

The whole drive took less than three hours, and was worth the time invested.
Especially since this is our last day in Ireland, and it is so stereotypically Irish.

We really lucked out because Dingle has its weekly farmer's market on Fridays, so we were able to get a yummy lunch for a decent price.

We drove three hours to Kinsale, located along the southern coast, just 20 minutes from the Cork Airport.

We didn't have more than an hour to walk around but we felt like this was plenty.  
Although we have had a wonderful time in Ireland, we are anxious to get to Scotland.  

The Irish are known for their luck, no need to worry too much about the propeller plane.

Cork, Ireland to Edinburgh, Scotland was just over two hours.
Our flight was delayed two hours and fifty minutes (if it were delayed three hours Aer Lingus would have owed us both two 250 euro), which meant that Karlijn had to pick us up just before midnight!  I think it was 11:30 pm when I took this picture, and as you can see, there is still ambient light.

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  1. Wow... all of it. I loved your drive photos and you chose the perfect stops. So gorgeous. I did have a question. Why did the government kick out the people on Blasket Island?

    That was very interesting about the flight delay and 'almost' getting some money back.

    What a beautiful trip you are having. I'm loving it all.


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