Saturday, June 9, 2018

One month itinerary- Ireland, Scotland, England, Belgium, Germany, and France

Yes, this is ambitious (especially for a honeymoon!), but each country has such distinct culture, architecture, and food that I figure we can do a highlights tour and get a taste of each one.  Otherwise things start to get a little monotonous.  I am sure we will have a crazy accent by the time we leave.  Haha.  I am so proud of myself with this itinerary, it is a masterpiece.  We are so excited about this trip.  Eric will add six new countries to his list and I will add three (Ireland, Scotland and Germany).

I don't have the day to day established, well, not every day.  But the accommodations and travel arrangements have been made.  The daily activities will depend on weather and reading as we go.

June 17/18- Los Angeles to Dublin, Ireland

June 19- Dublin, Ireland

  • Guinness Tour
  • Sightsee

June 20- Ennis, Ireland

  • Car rental/drive/sightsee
  • Visit the Cliffs of Moher

June 21- Dingle town, Ireland
  • Drive/sightsee
  • Visit Kinsale
  • Fly to Scotland 

June 22- Falkirk, Scotland

  • Visit Cork
  • Get picked up by Karlijn!  Stay at her house.

June 23- Falkirk, Scotland

  • Visit Edinburgh 

June 24- Falkirk, Scotland

  • Visit Stirling 

June 25- Falkirk, Scotland

  • Visit the Highlands

June 26- London, England

  • Train to London

June 27- London, England

  • Sightsee
  • Tower of London 
  • British Museum
  • Afternoon tea at the Wolseley

June 28- Bruges, Belgium

  • Chunnel (under the sea we go!) while England plays against Belgium (football).  We are a little bummed we are going to miss it.
  • Sightsee

June 29- Bruges, Belgium

  • Bike ride to Damme and Sluis

June 30- Brussels, Belgium

  • Train to Brussels
  • Sightsee

July 1- Brussels, Belgium

  • Visit Antwerp

July 2- Berlin, Germany

  • Flight to Berlin (Kimmie and Lea fly to Berlin!)
  • Sightsee 

July 3- Berlin, Germany

  • Sightsee

July 4-  Bamberg, Germany

  • Train to Bamberg
  • Sightsee

July 5-Rothenberg, Germany

  • Train to Rothenberg
  • Sightsee

July 6- Colmar, France

  • Train or bus to Ansbach for a car rental to drive to Kehl, Germany to take a bus over the border to Strasbourg, France for a train to Colmar.  This is the actually the easiest way get there, I think.  Hopefully the travel goes smoothly.

July 7- Colmar, France

  • Bike through vineyards 

July 8- Colmar, France

  • Bike through vineyards 

July 9- Paris, France

  • Train to Paris (I really, really hope there aren't any train strikes...)
  • Eiffel Tower at sunset!

July 10- Paris, France

  • Disneyland Paris?
  • Sightsee 

July 11- Quimper, France

  • Train to Quimper
  • Tour de France!
  • Sightsee 

July 12- Paris, France

  • Train to Paris
  • Moulin Rouge!

July 13- Paris, France to Los Angeles

  • Back to reality.  Well, not really.  I think we leave for Idaho four days upon our return. 
“One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.” –Henry Miller

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