Saturday, April 23, 2011


We took a train to Ayutthaya from Bangkok for the day. After an hour and a half of staring out the train window we arrived in the ancient city. Ayutthaya was the capital upon its completion in 1350, until it was attacked and burned down by the Burmese in 1766. The city has many wats and Buddhas to be discovered, but they are not within walking distance. We hired a driver for half the day.

The gold flakes on the white Buddha behind me are placed onto the statue for good luck.

Bad monk! They are not supposed to have cell phones, but it is slowly overtaking the Thai culture, as it is worldwide.

This is evidence of the Burmese attack. The Buddha statue was beheaded, and over the past 300 years the tree has grown around it. Doesn't it look peaceful though?  

A monk field trip?

This was our driver. Cool ride, huh?

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  1. So much to comment on! First off, totally love your hat. Way cute. The photo of you and Fred walking hand-in-hand is extra wonderful. The monk field trip comment made me laugh out loud. Very cool ride, if not a little scary. That's my practical "MOM" side coming out though. The photos are exceptional. Well done you guys.


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