Sunday, April 24, 2011

Diving Phi Phi islands

This was the first day the dive masters have dove for the past 2 weeks. The monsoon weather finally subsided, and the water started to clear up.
We had to take a small boat out to the larger vessel for the 2 hour trip to Phi Phi islands (sometimes written Pee Pee islands, as it is pronounced).

This is one of our dive spots. We saw a seahorse, a cuttlefish, and a sea turtle during our three dives. I was a happy camper, even though the visibility was poor compared to normal Thai conditions.

We received a waterproof bag as a gift from my sister (thanks Raya and Josh!) which came in handy on the dive boat, and due to all the unexpected rain.

Even though it was colder than it should have been during this time of year, and the visibility wasn't super we were so happy to have dove in Thailand!!  What a beautiful trip.

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  1. Lovely to see you make lemonaide out of lemons! Sounds absolutely breathtaking. Glad you got to do what you came to do. Timing is everything.


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