Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wat Po, Bangkok

In Thai, 'wat' means temple. Wat Po is the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. This is one of my favorite wats. Buddha is 150 ft long, 10 ft high, and is covered in gold.  The feet are inlaid in mother-of-pearl.  It is amazing.

There are large walls surrounding the wat, which takes up an entire block. We spent some time touring the grounds and admiring the architecture.

The next block over is the Grand Palace. The royal family lived here from 1782- 1946, but the current monarch lives in a palace in northeast Bangkok. (When you are royalty you get choices.)
We did not enter the grounds because we would have had to wait a few hours for it to open, plus my shorts were too short!

We got a sneak peak of the palace, but we will have to save the entrance for next time!

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  1. I love the seductive pose of the Buddha. Way neat. Did you eventually get confused as to what WAT was what??? Looks amazing.


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