Sunday, April 17, 2011

Street food, Thailand

One of the first things Fred and I did when we arrived in Bangkok was go to Chinatown.  I was looking forward to seeing and eating the famous Bangkok street food, and Chinatown was a great place to start. There are vendors lined up selling items out of storefronts, carts, motorcycles, cars, trucks, and stands. Many of the items we did not try because they are meat based, but they still made for some excellent pictures!


Cold fruit on a stick is a nice escape from the heat.

Homemade bottled drinks are more refreshing options to cool down.

Two days after our trip began we took a side trip to Don Hoi Lod, a fishing village on the Gulf of Thailand. The small village has rows of seafood restaurants, along with vendors selling food on the street.  It reeked of fish, but we couldn't be happier to be there. We were the only tourists in sight. It is not a major tourist attraction. It is instead full of locals who come here on the weekend to picnic near the water, and buy some inexpensive seafood like clams and prawns.

While in Chiang Mai, Fred's dad (Fred Sr.) and Fred Sr.'s girlfriend (Cherry) took us to their local outdoor market that sets up once a week in the evening. We ate so much food, I felt like I was at the Del Mar Fair (except the food was actually pretty healthy). The above dish is Northern Thailand style noodles. It was SPICY!

Bean filled pastries are popular in Japan. Thailand has food from all over Southeast Asia.

This vendor always had a line, selling shaved ice with ???. You can pick any of the items in the bowls to go underneath the ice, then they top it off with whatever flavor you want. I had to ask their advice as to what to get since none of these items were familiar to me. I still don't know exactly what was in there but it was delicious, or at least some bites were...

While driving up to Chiang Rai with Fred Sr. and Cherry, Cherry told Fred Sr. to quickly pull over. There was a lady with a pot on the other side of the street. She crossed the street with her pot when she saw us and pulled out sicks of bamboo from the pot. The bamboo is then peeled down and inside is sweet sticky rice with beans. It was in interesting treat!

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  1. The night photos are my favorite. That said, we had fun playing "Guess the meat on the stick". Looks like you guys had great weather. The scenes are so full of color and distractions. I can't wait to talk about it in person on our terrazza in Italy. Eager for the next blog post!


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