Saturday, December 8, 2012

Birch and Beach

Fred is camping again this weekend for work so I kept the house lively by having the girls over for a night.  I took them to Birch Aquarium.  I love this aquarium but haven't been back since I volunteered for two years here, at the tide pool exhibit, while going to school.  I managed to let the new UCSD student volunteer do her thing without chiming in.

There are fish tanks that represent over 60 different habitats from all over the world. 

But I think the seahorse exhibit has to be my favorite. 

I had never seen the kelp tank dive show before.  It was cool because the lady (feeding the giant sea bass) has a microphone and can communicate with the docent giving the presentation.  Very entertaining for the little ones.

I couldn't take them this close to the beach without going to the beach!

We collected shells on the sand and enjoyed the rest of the beautiful day. 

Then it was dinner, shaved ice, games and movies. 

By ten we were all exhausted. 

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  1. Brady, the Birch Aquarium was one of our favorite places when my boys were little. We would go there, then the tide pools afterward. It's tradition. How fun for your nieces. You truly are the funnest auntie, ever!

    My favorite photo is the girls silhouettes on the beach. Award winning babe.

    What wonderful memories you continue to make. Thanks for taking us with you.


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