Monday, December 31, 2012

Meiji and Sensoji

I have never stayed at a hotel and had a package waiting for me when I arrived, let alone have I had this happen in another country.  Megumu surprised me with a bottle of sake.  She is so sweet.
In the morning we headed to Meiji shrine.  It is a Shinto shrine dedicated to the spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, built just a hundred years ago.

After the shrine we wondered around. 
You really never know what you are going to find in Tokyo.

After Meiji, Sensoji was on the list of temples to find.
But first, a beer break!

Sensoji temple was preparing for the New Year, when everybody in Japan will visit their first temple of the year.  Sensoji is one of Japan's most popular temples, and Tokyo's oldest temple.

In case you did not know, Tokyo wants to host the Olympics in 2020, but they are really discrete about it.   
Japan is so safe and clean, I couldn't imagine why they wouldn't get it.

We tried to go up the Skytree (the tallest structure in Japan) but the wait was about four hours.  You can see the Skytree from all over Tokyo but at 634 meters you cannot tell how tall it is until it is towering over you.

On the fourth floor (where the tickets for Skytree are sold) is the best soft serve ice cream I have ever had.  Traveling to Skytree is worth it just for the ice cream.

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  1. It seems as if Tokyo is a city of contrasts. Your photos demand close examination. Funny stuff in the backgrounds as well as the subject you photograph. All looks amazing.

    Okay, so knowing nothing about this town, I had to do some research. Tokyo Skytree is a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan. It is the tallest tower in the world, displacing the Canton Tower,and the second tallest structure in the world after Burj Khalifa. I wouldn't be able to go to the top. I would be the "Freaking Out" American. Not good for international relations.

    Koketsu ni irazunba koji wo ezu) Literally: If you do not enter the tiger's cave, you will not catch its cub.
    Meaning: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. / You can't do anything without risking something.


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