Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mammoth done cheap

Fred has been watching weather forecasts, so bummed to see good snow with no boarding plans.  Even though we are planning on going snowboarding in Japan we decided to take Christmas money from my dad to do a short Mammoth trip as cheaply as possible.  After Fred got off work we drove to Bishop.  We stayed at the Elms Motel (47$ including tax).  The hotel is great because your car is right out front and there is a simple continental breakfast.  We will be staying here from now on for sure.

In the morning we drove to Mammoth.  Luckily the roads were clear (no chains required) even though there was a constant dusting of snow.  As we were leaving in the evening they were recommending chains.  We had perfect timing!

We bought 'beginner' lift tickets for 57$.  There are only four lifts available with the beginner lift tickets but for our first trip of the season it was all we needed. 

It snowed the entire time, and was a bit windy, but totally ideal.  It was Monday so there were no lines.  We practically had the mountain to ourselves.

Fred was so happy with my boarding that he pushed me to go into the treeline (not literally).  It was super fun!  Partially because there was so much space between the trees.  No stress.

After 5 hours of boarding we packed up and drove home.  I was a bit surprised in the morning when my alarm when off (aren't I on Christmas break yet?!) but it was the best short little Mammoth trip. 

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  1. What a perfect mini-escape. While the snow looks a bit cold for me, I'm certain the powder was amazing. You both look so happy. The scenery photos are spectacular.

    Thank you for the hotel recommendation! What a blast you had. Sorry about it not being Winter Break yet.

    "Ski Buffs and Ski Babes on the Go-Go in the Snow-Snow!" -from the movie Winter A-Go-Go (1965)


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