Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Onsen is a ski village just an hour northeast of Nagano.  Although it is just a little north of Yudanaka we had to take a train all the way back to Nagano and then head almost in the same direction we came from to Tagorinozawaonsen station.  From there is was a 15 minute bus ride on a cramped bus full of ski equipment, luggage and people (almost no foreigners like us) to the town and then we walked up hill for about ten minutes.
My cousin was ready to kill me.
Kawahiro ryokan is right on the slope.  It is ski in/ski out and totally amazing.
The rental gear shop is right next door so we got our board and boots and were all set for tomorrow.
Before dinner we wanted to get a drink and found the coolest spot, The Craft Room.  Fred gave the bar his powder blue Chargers hat.  They said when we come back (which Fred wants to do next winter) it will be there.

Dinner at the ryokan was delicious.  Fred even tried the horse meat!  I think it was horse meat at least.  It is common in this area and it looked like the picture I saw of it.  It is raw like sashimi but brighter red in color.
I should have tried it!

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  1. Vegetarianism is rather difficult in Japan... especially when served HORSE MEAT. Yikes.

    I love all the locales you are sharing and the specialness of each. You are doing an amazing job documenting and taking me along with you.

    You guys looks so happy.


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