Sunday, December 2, 2012


What would you do with all these ingredients? 

You would make a margarona, of course! 

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  1. When I googled this, your blog was #4 on bing's results. Wild right? You are cutting edge Brady. Looks like a great way to celebrate Fred's #41.

    The Margarona (origins unknown) refers to a cocktail gaining popularity throughout the United States. The Margarona is the sister cocktail to the Margarita with one distinct difference, the Margarona has a Mini Corona beer (Coronita) inserted upside down into the cocktail. It has been suggested that the mini beer was chosen to create the Margarona over of a full size beer since its compact dimensions would not affect the stability of the cocktail.

    Typical Recipe
    3 oz premium tequila
    1 oz premium triple sec
    2 oz lime juice
    1 cup crushed ice
    1 lime wedge
    1 mini beer (7 oz)
    Pour tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and crushed ice into a blender. Blend well at high speed. Pour into a cocktail glass. Insert opened mini beer into the cocktail upside down. Garnish with lime wedge. ENJOY!


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