Thursday, December 27, 2012

Konichiwa Japan

After the twelve hour direct flight from Los Angeles to Narita (Tokyo) we exchanged our JR vouchers and took the Narita Express to Tokyo Station.  Tokyo Station was a little intimidating (even at 11pm people were rushing around like they were going be late to work) but we found our way to the right exit, no problem.  Luckily walking to Sotetsu Fresa Inn was easy, just ten blocks and two turns later we were there. 

Fred thinks that this is the smallest hotel room he has ever stayed in.  It is small but the beds are comfy and the bathroom is considerably large with good water pressure in the shower, and in the bidet. 
Word of the wise: you have to hit the button again to turn it off when you are done or it just keeps cleaning!

Not to mention if we get bored we could always watch fetish movies. 

It was a long day but Fred wanted to get a bite to eat so of course we all joined him.  The first place we tried a man walked to the door to tell us in good English that he does not speak English, preventing us from entering his establishment.  We had to walk a few blocks but we found a place that was still serving food (it was after midnight at this point).  We got dry Japanese beer and a bunch of appetizers and then headed back to the cozy hotel.  I woke up at 5am totally unable to sleep. 
We head to the mountains today.  I cannot wait!

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  1. Wow! Your travels to Japan sound very similar to mine however, I was herding middle schoolers. YIKES. I arrived with 1/2 hour left of my birthday and Kozo (our guide and friend) threw me a party... when my preferred present would be been a good night's sleep.

    I hope you can sleep on the train but knowing you, you'll be with your face smashed against the glass, afraid of missing something.

    Love the details. Love the photos. Love you both.


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