Friday, December 28, 2012

Yudanaka, Japan

When we checked into Shimaya ryokan (a japanese style inn) I learned that we would have to wait until tomorrow to see the snow monkeys.  Booo!
Ichiro Yumoto and his wife were so accommodating.  They dropped us off and picked us up where ever we needed to be, as part of the price of the room.
They offered to take us to an outdoor onsen up the hill.  Onsens are natural hot springs and are very popular in Japan.  Usually they are separated by gender because you are supposed to go in naked.  I am sure they thought it was weird that we wanted to go in one together, with bathing suits of course.

Ichiro dropped us off at a noodle restaurant.  I had been craving udon all day.  It was so good.
When we were done eating Vinny tried to tip the waitress.  She looked like she wanted to slap him.  But when I tipped with candy, she was so thrilled.  Tipping with candy has been fun because they excitedly, and graciously accept.  I brought See's peppermint twists and mini Disney candy canes. 
We walked back to the ryokan, in the snow. 
Tomorrow... snow monkeys!

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  1. When I was in Daisen, I did not get the choice of suit or no suit for the spa. I went totally naked and I slept the best I had slept in months. I hope you are catching up as well.

    It looks like all the research as really paid off Brady. Ichiro Yumoto seems to be the host with the most. How wonderful to have a guide.

    You are experiencing so much is such little time. It's is incredible. AND what a brilliant idea about the Disney candy canes :o)


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