Friday, July 12, 2013

Angora Lake and Shakespearean Fake

We started the morning with a drive from South Lake Tahoe to Angora Lakes.  
This is a view of Tahoe from the area, 192 square miles of beauty.  

Denise, two of her friends, and I rented paddle boards at Angora Lakes Resort.  The resort opened in the 1920s.  There is so much history in Tahoe, one cannot help but imagine what summer in Tahoe was like a hundred years ago.

I would have probably been under dressed.

After an hour of paddle boarding we enjoyed the resorts famous lemonade.  It was tart and refreshing.  

The next event on the list was Valhalla Boathouse Theater.  Steve and Denise volunteer here once a week and used their volunteer hours to get me a free ticket (thank you!).  

As they prepared to work I walked around the 74 acre Tallac resort that Valhalla sits on.  Affluent vacationers had been coming to these grounds since the late 1800s.  
The above picture is where the help and the children of rich vacationers ate.  Parents did not watch their own children the whole time they were there.  I am guessing it wasn't too much later in history when parents started dropping off their kids at camp, like my parents did with my sisters and I.  

The event was a play, and a parody, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged).  
(Cue laughter.)

I am not the biggest fan of Shakespeare but it was very entertaining.  
April, to my left, acting like Angora Lakes lemonade.  

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  1. What a super neat day. Thank you for being my SUP mentor. What a perfect location for my first Stand Up Paddle experience. We do diverse here in Tahoe. Hike, lake, Shakespeare.... way cool. Glad you liked it.


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