Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tahoe's West Side

We decided to take it easy since it had been such a fun-filled trip and today was my last day in Tahoe.  We took a drive around the west side of the lake and then headed to Reno airport from the north.  
First we walked Rainbow trail at Taylor Creek. 

 In a few months this place will be packed with spawning salmon, hungry bears lazily eating fast food (spawning salmon), and hundreds of cameras.  

Part of Rainbow trail is the Stream Profile, a free viewing chamber of a section of Taylor Creek.

We continued to drive north, stopping at Bliss campground.  The water wasn't that cold.  The sign would have been more accurate if it read 'extremely clear water'.

I ran into a lady at my old school who is retired as of this year.  With the house sold her husband and herself are hosting at various campgrounds and living in the RV.  

We continued on to Sugar Pine Point, yet another summer vacation spot from the late 1800s for the rich.  Before then it was the summer vacation spot for Washoe Native Americans who would come here to fish.  
It is now a state park and one of the largest natural areas on Lake Tahoe, since two miles of lake front property were purchased.  

The last stop was the Cal Neva.  This casino was originally built in 1926, and in the 60s was owned by Frank Sinatra. 

Marilyn Monroe spent her last weekend alive here at the Cal Neva.  

Although the place is falling apart is used to be the place to be. 
 In the kidney shaped pool behind us the California- Nevada border is drawn.  It would be way to much fun to swim there.  'Now I am in Nevada, now I am in California, now Nevada, now California' and so on. 

The sunset on the plane was spectacular.  
Tahoe in the summer sun is quite an experience.  Thank you Steve and Denise!
Now I just need to pack for Catalina... 

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  1. The people who live on the other side of the lake have a saying, "West Shore- Best Shore". I'm happy we got to show you most of the scenery. Such a fun visit. And the last day... even though it started out leisurely, we got a lot in. Come back soon!


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