Friday, July 26, 2013

Snowballs and bowling balls

It just wouldn't be a sleepover at Aunt Bradys without Baltimore Snowballs.  The girls both chose Carnival- vanilla ice cream, cotton candy and bubble gum snow, with whip cream and sprinkles on top. I usually create my own; today I went with vanilla ice cream (ice cream is always part of the equation), with blackberry, orchid creme vanilla and orange snow.  This was a winning combination.  

My sister said no snacks before dinner but Ruby told me that this is a treat, not a snack, and they hadn't had a treat today so technically we are not breaking any rules.  

After diner we went night bowling.  If you look carefully at the middle lane you will see a blur.  This is Ruby jumping after getting a strike.  
I have to say I am not a big fan of night bowling.  The crazy lights makes it hard to see and makes a mediocre bowler a very poor bowler.  

We bowled until 9pm.  It was time to get back home, we have a long day planned for tomorrow... so we teleported (no big deal).  

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  1. I love Ruby's definition of a 'treat' vs a 'snack'. The teen years should be exciting for Marla.

    I think the light shots are awesome but totally understand making a poor bowler worse. I'm with you but super different and fun.

    You are the bestest auntie- ever.


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