Monday, July 29, 2013

Fording Sycamore Rim Trail

My aunt Kathy had suggested a hike that she did while her and my uncle were in Flagstaff earlier this summer, before monsoon season.  Since Fred and I had the whole day devoted to hiking we decided to take on the 11-mile Sycamore Rim Trail.  
The only issue was that Flagstaff had monsoon rains for two weeks leaving the trail rather undefined. Almost immediately into our hike Fred was waist deep in murky rain water.  

The Sycamore Rim trail was established in 1979, and according to the Forest Service website was "born of the idea that this environment of ponds, streams, cliffs, and deep canyons were unique, and worthy of preservation in as nearly an undisturbed condition as possible". 

The trail was under water practically the entire time. 

The river that was once at our feet feeds into a deep canyon, the creation of our planets topography at its finest.  

Fred wants you to hike and protect designated wilderness lands (he never stops working).  

The views of Ponderosa pines are spectacular and seemingly endless. 

I made new friends.

The last leg of the hike was spent with our legs in the river once again (this is how we knew we were almost back to the car).  The end of the hike was the most difficult to stay on the trail as it was not well marked but Fred set his compass and we eventually found our way.  
What a beautiful hike.  


  1. 11 miles! I like the picture of Fred, I think that job fits him perfectly!

  2. What a fortunate hiking partner to have. I would have been meandering there for days.

    The exceptional photos are almost too plentiful to name. The critters are National Geographic quality. The mushroom seems like it should have a fairy sitting under it. The cactus... wow.

    The reflection is one of my favorites. What an incredible way to see nature, out in it. John Muir would be proud!


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