Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baja California Desolation

We started our day clamming.  All you need is a pitchfork, a bucket, a beach, and know-how.
The only thing we were missing was the know-how.
Ron and Cecilia were incredulous that we could not find one clam.

Look at the size of these things!

For lunch we stopped in for fish and shrimp tacos at Cecilia's sister's restaurant.

We headed to the volcanoes located to the west of the highway.  

It is amazing how desolate the area is.  My dad kept saying it felt like we were on the other side of the world, even though we are just hours across the border.

After about an hour of driving on a bumpy dirt road we arrived at an oyster farm.  I asked permission from the guy living on the property for us to look around and take some pictures.

This is all lava rock. 

We drove past an Old Pelican Refuge.  There are still brown pelicans in the area but I believe the refuge is no longer active, and as far as the internet in concerned this place never existed.  

The city of San Quintin.  

Ice cream always sounds good, no matter the weather.  

We met back up at Baja Fiesta for dinner, and to buy some of Cecilia's products.  

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  1. You really made your day a full one of not missing ANYTHING. I love all the vibrant colors. It does look like you guys are the only ones in Mexico though. Love the clam shell. It would have probably been a delicious meal, had you found any. Fun trip.


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