Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Feliz cumpleaños en Mexico

After breakfast and goodbyes at Baja Fiesta we started the drive north.  
Since we drove down so late at night none of the typical check points were open.  We went through two but were only stopped at the first one.  The soldier looked in our trunk and in a few bags.  He was really nice and told me that I speak Spanish well, I told him that he does tambien.

We stopped off at Puerto Nuevo for a few gifts.  I don't really like coming here because the shop owners are so aggressive so we were in and out in about thirty minutes.  

And this concludes are trip to Mexico, the first time that I have driven this far into Baja.  
It was a pleasant surprise and I cannot wait to return.  Mexico has so much to offer, more than just bananas.  
Happy birthday Dad!

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  1. What a perfect birthday present. Looks muy bueno if you ask me. Glad you had such a blast. The photos are incredible. Cool beans.


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